Welcome to Banoffee

A long time ago this was Steve's webspace. Once upon a time I had updated it once in a blue moon, and had vague plans to actually use it for something...
After much prevarication about what to do with this webspace, I'm now considering it "officially abandoned". Some of the content (in particular what I'd intended to be my "personal web page") was so out of date it was much better removed, and I've now done so.
The Banoffee Pie area where you can check out several variants of the Banoffee Pie recipe remains for historical interest. Thank you to all who have contributed ideas and suggestions over the last few years - I still have them filed in a mail folder in case I ever un-abandon this webspace...

The following areas are/were on my web space:

As this webspace is "officially abandoned" for the foreseeable future, and due to the increasing quantity of junk email received, all mailto: links have been removed or disabled. Previously advertised email addresses are still likely to work for the foreseeable future though.
[Update January 2017: I've switched hosting providers. Nothing else changed apart from this paragraph; it had already been abandoned for 6 years anyway with content at least 10 years old even then. I'm not quite sure why I bothered to copy these pages to my new hosting provider, but it was either that or have the new domain give no content whatsoever or the dreaded default holding page.]
Page put together by Steve Lee - now "officially abandoned"