How to make a Banoffee Pie

There seem to be a number of different methods. This page attempts to catalogue all the recipes for banoffee pie which I come across.

Below is a list of recipes for banoffee pies. This list is far from exhaustive, and if you would like to contribute another one, or have any other comments about the banoffee pie pages, email [removed].

  1. Banoffee pie recipe, originally at but the owner of that page appears to have moved on.
  2. Microwave method, adapted from the above recipe. This is the one which I usually use.
  3. Oven and pastry method, taken from the St. Michael's church Alpha Cookbook.
  4. Original method? reproduced from an article from the Daily Telegraph, sent to me by Daniel Brown.
  5. Another Recipe contributed by Lawrence Jeffery.
  6. Banoffee recipe variant contibuted by Terri Rykard.

Page put together by Steve Lee - now "officially abandoned"