!Midnight 0.10

Midnight is a programmable screen saver I wrote which takes screen saver files as BASIC libraries.

I stopped developing it when I found the screensaver that comes with !BlakHole2, which is faster and follows a similar basic format, although implemented in a much more logical fashion. But mine has got a pretty icon and thats what really counts in a program :-)

There is limited support for DarkHorse screensavers. A couple of them are included to demonstrate the idea. The "DarkHorse Screensaver" saver is used for this with the first parameter as the name of the DarkHorse saver.

Select the icon at the top of the page to download. Further details are included in the archive.

Update 21 Nov 1998: It seems that Acorn in their infinite wisdom decided to change the minimum amount of free memory a BASIC program is allowed to keep for itself. Now modified Midnight to keep more free memory.
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